Since 2001, the year of its foundation, Invemet has never ceased to expand and evolve and we look forward to further developments.

Welcome to Invemet

Invemet is the leading recycler of spent catalytic converters in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.

Our Company is the ideal partner for car wrecking yards, garages, small and large collectors, as well as metal recycling companies, including exhaust systems and automobile manufacturers. Part of our strength in recovering precious metals from spent catalytic converters is due to our relationship with our Houston based partners, Techemet, LLP.

Techemet is one of the largest smelters and recyclers of spent automobile catalyst in the world.

Our head office is located in Cirié, just next to the Turin International Airport. All converters purchased are sent to Cirié where the initial recovery process begins. Our suppliers are able to contact Invemet buyers directly or through our office in order to negotiate the collection of spent converters.

Every time a purchase is finalized – whether settled by cash, check or bank wire – a commercial invoice and the required waste tracking form are issued. When we first started our business we realized that personal representation and reliable day to day service are key factors in recycling converters.

The Group

In addition to our main location, we run a warehouse in Fossò (near Venice), where our three buyers for North Eastern regions operate. To offer our Southern suppliers a better service, we have established Invemet Sud, which is located in Guagnano (Lecce Province). The latter takes care of purchases in all Southern regions, from Abruzzi to Sicily. Invemet operates in Sardinia independently with its own buyers.

We have developed an exclusive relationship with the company ATRicambi which collects spent catalyst on our behalf in the regions of Central Italy. We are an Italian company, but operate all over Europe.

Techemet Belgium SPRL, located in Ghislenghien, was founded in April of 2007 to serve Belgium, the Netherlands and North Eastern France.

Invemet Sud also collects materials in Albania, Kosovo Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro and Romania.
Invemet Albania Sh. P.K. was particularly founded to better serve the Southern Balkan region, and is a 50-50 joint-venture between Invemet Sud and a young Albanian entrepreneur with a good knowledge of the spent catalyst recovery sector.

Slovemet d.o.o., is a 50% participated Slovenian company, which takes care of collecting spent catalyst and other waste containing precious metals in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. Slovemet d.o.o. is a joint venture (50-50) between Invemet and Pikas , a well rooted Slovenian company which specializes in the recovery of PGM metals, gold and silver.